Old Harbor - Byblos
From 19:30 h


Mark your calendar for the Summer Wine Festival Byblos en Blanc & Rosé at Jbeil, July 4th - 6th! As the weather warms u…


Hippodrome - Beirut
From 18:30 h


Vinifest will celebrate its 12th edition in a sparkling atmosphere from October 2 till October 5, 2019 in Beirut Horse Track. Cork…


Les Vignobles, Zahlé -
Starting 6:30 pm


DÎner Du Sommelier

This gourmet meal is suggested to the wine lovers who will be offered «great crus » selected from the Lebanese cellars. Matching…

The Organizers



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The Lebanese wine festival. Vinifest takes place every year in October in the Hippodrome Of Beirut and offers to thousands Of visitors four unforgettable days during which they can enjoy exhibit booths. wine tastings. and regional products from Lebanon and abroad. and musical performances are also offered every day for an exceptional show. Vinifest is designed to enhance economic development of wineries, food producers and businesses and promote the Lebanese industry and tourism. Vinifest is known to offer the best forum for showcasing and consuming wine and food accompanied by items that matchthe sophistication of wine.

Over the past years. Lebanese Wine Festival "Vinifest" has truly come of age and is now one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Lebanon and even the largest vine festival in the Middle East. A big crowd of oenophiles attends this event and for either the experienced wine lover or the novice. the festival has something to please every palate.


  • Vinifest 2019


Vinifest will celebrate its 12th edition in a sparkling atmosphere from October 2 till October 5, 2019 in Beirut Horse Track. 

Corks will be popped to showcase the best Lebanese wines. Masters and experts of the field will share their “savoir” in a lively atmosphere with a refined audience. Music will accompany this great festival

  • From 02 till 05 October, 2019
  • Hippodrome - Beirut
  • From 18:30 h


For the first time in Lebanon, Summer 2019 will witness a one of a kind event. “ViniPicnic” is dedicated to the authentic wines of the Bekaa. It is a fun sit-down winetasting with live music playing nearby to help set a cheerful mood.

This unique picnic will gather wine and nature lovers at
“Les Vignobles”, Zahle - the heart of the Bekaa Valley.

This event has an ideal access to the most exquisite Bekaa wines and entertainment. 

  • ViniPicnic
  • ViniPicnic
  • ViniPicnic
  • ViniPicnic


Byblos en Blanc et Rosé celebrates the most popular beverages of summer, dedicated to white & Rosé wines.

This festival returns to its 5th edition and shows the versatility, diversity and lifestyle of wine beyond the glass.

Over 10,000 people are expected to gather & toast with summer wines. 

The 5th Edition

Mark your calendar for the Summer Wine Festival Byblos en Blanc & Rosé at Jbeil, July 4th - 6th!
As the weather warms up, oenophiles, Sommeliers, oenologists and wine experts love this time of the year. “Byblos en Blanc & Rosé” will be bursting with the fresh tastes of summer.


The 5th edition of the Festival is held in the magical surroundings of Byblos Harbor. This event has a highly cultural, entertaining concept with a myriad of musicians each playing a different genre of music... Nevertheless the real stars of the night are more than 30 wineries offering a large selection of wines, each of a different style and character. This selection of white, red and rosé wines is accompanied with a complement of food variety, to hit all different palates, from the casual to the most sophisticated wine drinker.

Byblos en Blanc & Rosé Wine Festival has grown to be a sold-out event, attracting wine connoisseurs and aficionados alike.

  • From 4 till 6 July, 2019
  • Old Harbor - Byblos
  • From 19:30 h

DÎner Du Sommelier

This gourmet meal is suggested to the wine lovers who will be offered «great crus » selected from the Lebanese cellars. Matching food and wine will make the entire dining experience very enjoyable.






  • DÎner du Sommelier
  • DÎner du Sommelier
  • DÎner du Sommelier
  • DÎner du Sommelier


Lebanese wine producers are defying the international wine industry by opening exciting wineries all around Lebanon. Lebanese wine has been acquiring international notoriety over the past 10 years. This achievement was made possible thanks to the great efforts of the Lebanese ministry of agriculture, the UVL (Lebanon’s Official Association of Wine Producers) and the individual initiatives of wine producers. Wine makers are very active and they never miss important and international wine fairs like Vinisud, Vinexpo, Vinitaly, Megavino and others…


Furthermore, the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture is organizing every year and in different countries a “Lebanese Wine Day”. These events have found big success in Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and soon in Switzerland. The wine industry is booming in Lebanon and wine producers offer a diversity of flavors to the world.


  • A celebration of life!

    Vinifest is a celebration of the way of life of the Lebanese. We celebrate through and across everything!
    H.E. Salim Wardy
  • A symbol of the Lebanese unity

    Vinifest embodies Lebanese unity. It represents all the regions of Lebanon here together in Beirut. Wine has become an ambassador of the regions. The general atmosphere at Vinifest was, as in years past, one of merriment. Groups of friends and colleagues circumambulated the hippodrome, chatting and catching up.
    H.E. Michel Pharaon
  • The must attend wine event of the year!

    Vinifest is a wine event not to be missed to discover the wines of Lebanon and all there is around, we never miss this date. Thanks to the magnificent Vinifest, we had the opportunity to discover the delicious wines of Qanafar.
    Leila Saadé
  • Enriching activities and creativity!

    Absolutely agree, Vinifest has made us discover the wines of Lebanon. This event, which has become an important event, enriches our horizons with all its different activities and creativity.
    Rony Afeiche
  • Thank you Vinifest!

    I thank Vinifest for introducing me to superior vineyards.
    Selim Asseily
  • Amazing!

    Super fun, amazing!
    Loved it, the ambiance, music, variety of wines and generous samplings made it an epic event!
    Anonymous Guest
  • Keep walking.

    Excellent atmosphere! huge variety of wines, old and new brands. keep walking.
    Anonymous Guest
  • Something New and Special

    It was something new and special, I would like to experience this feeling again.
    Anonymous Guest
  • International Event!

    It should be exposed as an international event!!!!!!!
    Anonymous Guest
  • Superb Wines!

    One of the best wine festivals I have been to. Actually, it is more party than anything else. Perfect example of fabulous Lebanese hospitality, great food and of course, superb wines
    Anonymous Guest
  • Great activities and products!

    It is a great opportunity for the new generation to get a great exposure and learn about the Lebanese wine and the various famous names in the market. Great activities and products.
    Anonymous Guest